How to get a logo that best represents your business?

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A logo represents the identity of a business and should be designed accordingly. It should communicate your business idea in a blink of an eye and establish your strong brand identity.

Logo Branding Web specializes in logo designing, with diverse range of experience and skill. We can design and implement a logo design in as minimum as two working days and that too at very competitive prices.

Our logo designing process is very simple and quick. Logo Branding Web brainstorms with the client to dig out the essential qualities required for the design which can effectively communicate the concept and message of a certain business. For this purpose client is asked to fill out a questionnaire about the business/brand.

Logo Branding Web then analyzes the industry and target audience to get an idea of how the design can be distinct and effective.  We perform thorough competitor analysis before coming up with a design. After the analysis phase, we come up with a design that is different from the competitors yet very effective and memorable in terms of the target market.  If it is a brand for the youth it can be colorful and funky, whereas a logo for services oriented business has to be professional and trustworthy.

Logo design includes images, shapes, colors, typography and a slogan if required. The image designed can be literal or metaphorical. Colors are chosen keeping in mind the target audience. Typography and the slogan are made to be memorable and timeless.

Logo Branding Web then submits the multiple logo design choices’ to client for feedback. The number of logo design choices’ depend on client’s package. Then with the help of client’s feedback, logo is finalized.

Next comes the delivery phase, which involves preparation of the logo image to be reproduced in needed formats like paper, web, packaging, video etc.

If required Logo Branding Web also offers support in terms of alterations for brand extensions, and any customization for new applications.

Logo Branding Web has a professional team with experience of over ten years. Creativity is the key to us. Our team has the ability to come up with innovative and new designs within short durations to satisfy the clients. Our logos generate a feeling of trust, quality and reliability and help increase your sales and gain a larger market share.

With Logo Branding Web, you can get a memorable and versatile logo yet keeping it as simple as possible.


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How to get a logo that best represents your business?

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This article was published on 2013/03/26